Danielle Castille

Content Strategist

In a vast land of uber-chatty spotlight-grabbers, it sure is nice to have the calming balance of Danielle Castille in the Uptick family.

Danielle’s quiet and easygoing nature fits perfectly with her childhood dream of becoming a librarian, just like her mom. But somewhere along the way, she switched from organizing other people’s written work to creating her own. Earning her degree in Public Relations from the University of Alabama, she now uses her outstanding writing skills to create content for Uptick’s clients.

As you might expect, Danielle loves to read—although she doesn’t get to do it as much as she’d like these days. She also loves comic book movies; ask her about Zach Snyder's Justice League, and quiet Danielle will talk for days!

Don’t mistakenly assume that her love of books and writing means she just sits behind a screen or a book all day. Being healthy is a huge part of Danielle’s life, and she loves working out so much, she does it at least four times a week. (Maybe SHE could beat Josh in a push-up challenge? Hmm.)

If you’re still wondering “whoooooo” exactly Danielle is on top of everything you’ve learned so far, we can tell you this additional nugget: She’s an owl enthusiast. Danielle started collecting owls a while back and has her own parliament (that’s what a group of owls is called, don’t worry, we had to Google it too) from places she’s visited all across the globe. We think it’s no coincidence that owls are known to be quiet and observant—kind of like Danielle herself. They also represent courage and fierceness, something Danielle strives to incorporate into her life.

Along with reading, working out, and those 270-degree head-turning birds, Alabama Football also ranks pretty high up on Danielle's list of loves, but there’s nothing more important to her than family.

So basically, a perfect day would be a hard workout while watching a Bama football game with her family and an owl on her shoulder reading her a comic book. A girl can dream, right?

Learned Spanish From
Anne Riley, her former Spanish teacher and our VP of Production
Favorite Treat
Easy to find: caramel cheesecake; not so easy to find: fried cheesecake
Number of Celebrities in Her Family