Elling Falconer

Creative Strategist

Although she was born in Sarasota, Florida, the majority of Elling’s jokes and humor come from an animated square-pants-wearing inhabitant of a certain pineapple under the sea. We would say his name, but we’re afraid we might have to pay millions in copyright infringements.

Known around the office for her perma-grin, it’s no surprise that in addition to golf and tennis, Elling was involved in all sorts of competitive cheer growing up.

A graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Communication, the marketing bug bit Elling when she landed her first agency job upon graduation. She’s been loving the marketing and advertising world ever since!

All of her previous life experience has created the perfect combination of cheerleader, communicator, lover-of-marketing, and weird-joke and TV show-quote maker. So basically, she is the ideal Creative Strategist for Uptick and our clients—with her quick wit, strategic mindset, and passion to always improve.

When she’s not at the office strategizing about campaigns and fine-tuning client messaging, Elling will most likely be hanging out with her sassy red longhaired dachshund, Finley (aka Stinky), kayaking, or hiking.

Favorite candy/treat
Hershey’s almond bar
Favorite lunch spot
Taco Mama
She has a major passion for astrology

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