Filipp Chevelev

Part-Time Designer

As lucky number eight in a family of nine children (yes… nine children), Filipp grew up in Kazan, Russia, where he sang in a children's choir, studied guitar at music school, and later was on the university athletics team. These experiences, specifically in the creative realm, built a solid platform for what came next: A photography hobby that turned into a serious occupation, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers and giving Filipp a chance to work with some of the biggest brand names in the world.

At first, he was just taking pictures with his phone—buildings, people, streets, whatever caught his eye. It was a casual way to pass the time; with his ear buds in and his feet wandering the streets of his town, snapping photos was a kind of therapy for Filipp during his school years. The idea of getting an education in photography and pursuing it as a career never even crossed his mind. He was just having fun.

In the middle of earning his bachelor’s degree in linguistics, Filipp bought a real camera and started hanging out with other photography-minded people. By the time he graduated, he was determined to be a photographer in some capacity for the rest of his life—no matter what it took. He started a blog, earned the attention of a few brands who liked his content, and ended up producing work for some names you might recognize: Hyundai, Nikon, Lexus, Reebok, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, IKEA… you know, just your standard run-of-the-mill brands that aren’t anything to write home about. After all, who among us hasn’t collaborated with the likes of Lacoste and Uber? If we had a nickel…

Anyway, as we were saying—Filipp’s little photography hobby kind of turned into a big deal, and at some point in all of this, he developed some mad graphic design skills. Whether it’s videography, photography, or design, the bottom line is that Filipp just has the eye. He knows what he’s looking for, he knows how to make his vision a reality, and he executes—period. And all this talent is wrapped up in a warm smile, a quick laugh, and genuine interest in people that comes across the moment you meet him.

From the United States to Russia, there aren’t many people in the world like Filipp; he might have been one of nine children growing up, but if you ask us, he’s one in a million.

Childhood Dream Job
Rock climber
Favorite Lunch Spot
His house, his cooking
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