Hannah Hostetler

Project Manager

Growing up in Ashtabula, Ohio, Hannah always thought she’d be a marine biologist. Her love of marine biology continued all throughout her childhood and ultimately inspired her to become an environmental science major at the University of Alabama.

During her time at UA, when she wasn’t out in the field with her hard hat or climbing trees in her forestry classes, she found herself naturally gravitating toward marketing. That’s how she eventually ended up at UAB, earning her MBA with a concentration in marketing.

At Uptick, Hannah helps keep production tasks moving and stays in communication with clients. She’s a key part in the Uptick machine and sets our clients up for success from day one.

When she’s not wrangling emails and task lists at the office, you can find Hannah playing with her two dumpster dogs (she literally rescued them from a dumpster), Harper and Davey, as well as her black cat, Binx. That, or she’s stuck in traffic (more accurately, the Starbucks drive thru).

What Her Friends Know Her For
Hard hat Thursdays during her forestry days around campus (hey, safety first!).
Least Favorite Article of Clothing
Shoes. She hates wearing them!
Best Nickname
When she taught middle school for two years, her students called her Ms. Hoss (it has our seal of approval).