Hannah Folmar

SEO Manager

Hannah first started with Uptick way back in 2018 as an SEO Intern, and now—after a brief hiatus—joins us again as an experienced SEO Manager.

Young Hannah spent her days in Corner, Alabama, singing in the choir and dreaming of one day becoming a veterinarian. We owe all the thanks in the world to Hannah’s aunt, who introduced her to the mad, mad world of marketing. After seeing how much fun and exciting this whole marketing thing can be, Hannah dropped those veterinarian aspirations, earned a degree in English from Troy University, and is now living the sweet SEO life.

For anyone who’s been around Hannah for more than one second, it will come as no surprise that she was on the Spirit Team in college. She is still the epitome of team spirit, cheering on her clients and her teammates every single day.

Hannah 2.0 (we’re still working through her nickname…open to suggestions) has seen every single episode of SNL from the last 12 years and will toss in any reference to said last 12 years of SNL skits whenever she can. This, along with her uncanny knowledge of song titles and their artists, makes her an ideal partner for trivia night at your local bar.

Her current goals include reading one book a month. That might not sound like a lot, but if you could see the size of these ridiculously large novels she chooses to read, you’d be extremely impressed. Her “one book” is anyone else’s “four books” as far as we’re concerned.

And even though Hannah didn’t become a veterinarian, she does have animals in her life—although as a self-proclaimed “dog mom,” she may take offense if you call her fur babies “animals.” They are absolutely her children.

If she’s not devouring one of those crazy-long novels or training her 4-legged kids, you’ll probably find her cooking something up with her husband, Elliott, or trying to get everyone to stop calling her “OId New Hannah” around the office. It’s a losing battle, but Old New Hannah is up to the challenge.

Favorite Candy:
Sour Patch Kids, but make sure they’re watermelon
Favorite Lunch Place:
Taco Mama or Urban Cookhouse
Known Around the Office For:
Refusing to leave her house if there is even a hint of winter weather

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