Jay Blanks

Digital Advertising Specialist

Even though we’re pretty sure Jarvis Demetri Blanks, Jr. is a made up name, he assures us it is legit and typically follows up with, “Call me Jay. Jarvis is my Dad’s name." Ok Jay. We will pretend we believe you (spoiler alert: we only half believe him).

Jay was born in Bessemer, Alabama, and, growing up, loved to play basketball and dreamed of one day becoming a meteorologist or a pilot (Top Gun, anyone?).

Sure, both of these are like the coolest professions ever (we’re big James Spann fans around here; when in doubt, let those suspenders out), but thankfully for Uptick, Jay chose to aim even higher and landed (see what we did there?) in the exciting world of digital marketing.

What compelled Jay to get into marketing? To hear him tell it, it’s because of a love for businesses and organizations to tell their story (which, to be fair, is an A+ answer). However, we have a sneaking suspicion his real reason for getting into marketing is to come up with a believable alias or to some day work for Stark Industries.

Since graduating from Samford University with a degree in marketing, Jay has been honing his skills in data analysis and marketing strategy. Now, as a Digital Advertising Specialist at Uptick, he spends his days implementing strategies to drive brand awareness and traffic to our client’s websites. And we (as well as our clients) couldn’t be more thankful for it.

When he’s not working his Ads Team magic at the office, you can probably find Jay at the movies or watching sports at home. However, he’s most likely cuddling up with his newborn baby girl, Cassie, and his wonderful wife, Maggie. You’d probably also see their two miniature Schnauzers playing in the background or getting into mischief around the house.

Random Fact
He has had gray hair since he was in 6th grade
Favorite candy/treat
Hershey Bars
Favorite place to go for lunch
Silver Coin Indian Cuisine