Jerry Brown

Vice President of Business Development | Partner

We joke that his icy blue “Presentation Eyes” are his superpower because they have a sort of magnetic effect on people, but in all seriousness, talking to Jerry is like talking to your best friend. Whether you’re chatting with him about your business’s digital marketing strategy, gathering his thoughts on the book of James, or enjoying a preview of his son’s band’s next single, you’ll quickly realize that this guy is the real deal—genuine and warmhearted, yet relentless when it comes to our clients’ success.

Jerry’s main goal is to be a business person for business people. If you ask him what type of employee Uptick hires, he will tell you that we hire business people, not marketers. That’s because Jerry (and all of Uptick) believes that it’s harder to teach a business mindset than it is to teach marketing services, and if our top priority is going to be understanding your business and partnering with you on a digital strategy, we had better have a solid grip on how business works.

Because of his passion for helping business owners succeed, Jerry makes sure they understand all the possible ways to connect with their target audience, convert prospects into leads, turn leads into customers, and ultimately make more money. From communicating regularly with clients to anticipating the next innovations in the marketplace, Jerry keeps Uptick moving.

In his 20+ years of digital marketing experience, Jerry has worked with local businesses like dental practices, lawyers, retail stores, banks, and many, many more. He’s also worked with big names like Target, Wells Fargo, and Coca-Cola United. This variety has given him a profound understanding of how digital marketing functions on a smaller scale and a larger one, equipping him with the experience he needs to work with any business of any size.

While he pays special attention to Uptick’s clients, Jerry also enjoys sharing his knowledge with the public. He has spoken at the American Marketing Association, the American Advertising Federation, and a number of chamber of commerce meetings across Alabama. He has also spent time investing in the next generation of marketing professionals by speaking to students at Jacksonville State University, Samford University, and UAB.

One of Jerry’s peers describes his communication style as “comforting and refreshing,” and we think that pretty much nails it. His ability to empathize with business owners and help them meet their goals is one reason he’s landed notable awards like “Salesperson of the Year” from the AAF.

When Jerry isn’t working hard, he’s probably playing hard with his family. He’s a cornerstone of the Gardendale community and serves as an Assistant Pastor at Waterstone Church in Warrior. But as active as he is, when all is said and done at the end of a busy day, you’ll probably find Jerry singing along with some alternative rock (Weezer, anyone?) or enjoying an old episode of Arrested Development to wind down. We rarely catch him being still, but even ol’ Presentation Eyes needs a break every now and then.

Favorite Fast Food
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