Joey Hunter

Support Specialist

Apparently, Joey considers herself a dinosaur, because she puts her graduation date from Auburn University at “approximately five million years ago.” We’re pretty sure it was more like the late 90s, but hey, time is weird.

While she claims to have been an extremely shy, introverted child, Joey has become a talkative, witty, personable adult who is so fun to be around that we really struggle to believe the whole “shy child” thing. Some of our best jokes come from her, and she has a way of making any conversation entertaining.

Joey has always been fascinated by the art and science of marketing: Why does a message resonate with one group of people, and yet mean nothing at all to another group? How can you deliver a message to a target audience in the most concise and effective way? Why does a certain color or voice inflection elicit an emotional response in people? When you get down to it, Joey just wants to make life better for people, so if she can do that by helping people find the right products or services, then she thinks that’s pretty cool.

Joey started at Uptick as an SEO Strategist, using the power of SEO to help our clients earn more trust with Google, which helps them get their information in front of the right audience. She now serves as a member of our Support Team and helps everything run smoothly from start to finish by solving problems, keeping support tickets on track, and figuring out technical issues.

When she’s not at her day job, Joey spends time with her husband of over 20 years, their four kids, and their rescue pup, Rosie. There’s not much time for hobbies, but that’s okay; with a life as exciting as hers, Joey doesn’t really need anything else to keep her busy.

Claim to Fame
Getting published in Disney Channel Magazine in 6th grade
Least Marketable Skill
Writing with her feet
Years of Experience in Marketing