Laine White

Marketing Consultant

Laine’s family always insisted she would become a lawyer due to her love for a good debate—but her plans focused more on the music studio or chaise lounge than the courtroom. She had always wanted to pursue a career in music or psychology, and was fascinated by how the brain works and what makes people tick, much like our Bulgarian branding wizard Atanas.

In fact, Laine was so into music growing up that she played in a rock band, which led her to develop a deep love for photography and social media as she built her brand and marketed her own business. Her whirlwind music career caused her to view many of life’s problems through a marketing lens, which set her up nicely for a future with us.

Laine attended Birmingham Southern College and worked in various marketing roles before eventually making her way to Uptick.

Outside the office, Laine is probably spending time with her childhood sweetheart-turned-husband, Tucker, and their young daughter, Rowan. Laine also has two rescue dogs: Massey and Chessie.

Why You Should Be Friends with Laine
Weird things are always happening to her and they make great stories.
Favorite Time of Year
Fall (or anything cold weather)
Go-To Local Treat
An iced latte from Cala