Stacey Njiru

Content Specialist

Marketing is all about that beautiful trifecta of getting the right message to the right people at the right time. And, at Uptick, we are quick to say we have an amazing team of Content Writers that help us achieve that “right message” part pretty much every single time.

Stacey is a member of the elite club of Uptick Content writers, and we could not be happier to have her on our team. Her gift with the written word transcends borders (even continents!): Stacey is from Nairobi, Kenya. However, she isn’t our only international employee. We’ve become very fond of our Bulgarian co-workers, and are glad to have another talented team member from across the Atlantic.

As a young child, Stacey dreamed of becoming a doctor, but once she realized she was not a big fan of hospitals that dream came to a screeching halt—hey, it happens. But, lucky for us, after attending the University of Nairobi, Stacey started writing for a few local publications and found a new dream in content marketing.

Stacey made her debut at Uptick as an aspiring freelancer and part-time copywriter; however, her impressive writing chops—and can-do attitude—landed her a position as a full-time employee soon thereafter. She’s quickly become a vital member of the team, and one of the best writers on staff. Go ahead, challenge her to a writing contest or friendly game of Wordle; we dare you!

In addition to writing, Stacey has loved to draw all of her life. You can often find her doodling cartoons when she’s not typing away at the keyboard (a true left-brain, right-brain mastermind). She also enjoys swimming, going for leisurely strolls around her hometown, doing a little window shopping, or just hanging out at home with her two cats, Allen and Lexa. We’ve found out we have many cat people at Uptick; many dog lovers as well…and even a few guinea pigs. Let’s just say if Uptick had a dating profile, our interests would read ‘All the Pets.’

And to get back on track—all in all, Stacey is a writer after Uptick’s own heart and soul and her friendly and warm demeanor will win you over, lickety-split.

Favorite treat
A big scoop of blueberry ice cream
Favorite Food
She’s always open to sampling seafood restaurants.
Something her friends will tell you
She laughs at anything!