Taylor Davis

Marketing Coordinator

A graduate of Auburn University, Taylor is a member of the elite and incredibly important crew of Uptick Marketing Coordinators. As a MarCo, Taylor spends the majority of her days supporting her Marketing Consultant by pulling and analyzing data, compiling reports, and helping to make sure the right marketing strategies are in place for each client’s unique goals.

Taylor didn’t always dream of being in the exciting world of marketing. In fact, she has always had her hopes set on becoming an actor and was active in her school’s theater and show choir programs (we are on the hunt for old videos of school-age Taylor singing her heart out, by the way, so big money to anyone who can get their hands on that) and still does some acting on the side.

She would have made a fabulous Hollywood star, but once she started working as a Digital Content Producer with various churches, nonprofits, and startups, she knew she found her calling in the world of marketing.
Taylor says she struggles with volume control when she gets super excited about something, but we think she is the exact level we need to keep the energy up around the office. Bring on all the volume!

When she’s not at Uptick serving our clients, you can probably find Taylor working out, reading, or giving back to the community through various service projects.

Party Trick
Saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish
Phoenix, Arizona
Love-Hate Relationship With
Plants. “I love them but I can’t keep them alive.”