What is Behavioral Retargeting?

Behavioral retargeting, which is a version of “retargeting” or “remarketing,” is an online advertising method that allows you to target individuals based on the websites they visit (this tactic is not to be confused with display advertising, which broadly targets based on everything from gender and age to location).
We’re essentially taking a person’s browsing history (their behavior) and pairing it with the ability to show them relevant ads wherever they go based on a cookie placed on their computer (retargeting).
If you know which websites potential buyers are visiting, then you can leverage the traffic to that website to put our ads in front of your target market throughout the Internet until they are ready to buy!

Why Behavioral Retargeting and How Does It Work?

The great thing about this tactic is the ability to place your ads directly in front of your target market. Let’s look at an example.
Let’s assume you are a real estate business in Birmingham, Alabama. Where do people go online when looking to buy a house? Most will end up on Zillow, Trulia, or some other popular real estate website.
Armed with this information, when your target market visits Birmingham-specific pages on Trulia, a cookie is placed on their computer. This cookie allows your ads show up throughout the Internet for up to 90 days! Note: The ads show up everywhere – not just on the page that used to place the cookie.
Therefore, you directly place our ads in front of people you know are looking for homes in the Birmingham area.
Uptick Marketing utilizes a unique system that targets specific pages instead of entire websites. Therefore, you don’t waste your money targeting anyone who visits Trulia. Instead, you only target those who visit specific pages (for example, homes for sale in Vestavia).
This method works for any website that accepts ads through Google AdSense, which includes over 14 million websites (and counting).
The graphic below may help you wrap your mind around exactly how online behavioral retargeting works!
Behavioral Retargeting Graphic

How Is Behavioral Retargeting Different from Display Advertising

Behavioral retargeting is a lot more effective than generalized display advertising because you are able to better target your demographic. Essentially, instead of casting a wide net and hoping your ads are hitting the right people, behavioral retargeting helps you strategically target potential buyers based on their browsing habits.
Additionally, display only shows ads on certain websites – the websites you select when you set up your campaign. In contrast, behavioral retargeting shows ads everywhere your tracked user goes.

Looking for a Smarter Online Advertising Option?

Stop mass targeting and leverage behavioral retargeting to utilize your online advertising budget to better reach your target market. If you know which websites your ideal customer visits, then you can leverage this information to help drive people to your website – the best place for them to be when trying to make a buying decision.
Interested in learning more? Contact Uptick Marketing today! Learn how to utilize smarter online marketing and advertising tactics to grow your business.