Better Communication for Instagram Business

instagram for business
Instagram recently rolled out its latest updates, creating a better user experience for businesses and their customers. The platform has been revamping their business-friendly features over the past months, making it easier for businesses to communicate with potential customers and returning shoppers.
The new updates come at the perfect time for business account managers looking to improve their Instagram customer base. Below is a rundown of the latest Instagram Business communication updates.

Direct Response Tools

With over 25 million Instagram Business profiles, the addition of direct response tools couldn’t have come at a better time. Shoppers and page visitors now have the ability to purchase tickets, order food, and start an order through customizable links in the business profiles bio. These new features make connecting with businesses much easier for the more than 200 million Instagram users visiting business profiles each day.

Quick Replies

With these new direct response tools comes a higher likelihood for Instagram Business profiles to connect with users. Now, business owners can create templated responses to incoming messages. Speedy responses are a big part of building credibility with potential customers and the added quick response feature will allow page admins to respond to interested parties with ease.

Improved Inbox Management

According to Instagram, “Now you’ll see important new customer messages in your main Direct inbox, instead of in the pending folder. You can also star and filter your conversations to come back to messages you want to follow up on.”  Before the recent update, pending messages were any messages sent from users that didn’t follow the business. Now, luckily, businesses will be able to see all messages from potential shoppers in one place.

How It Affects Your Business

Instagram for Businesses is a great asset for small and enterprise businesses alike. The ability to actively and quickly communicate with shoppers and customers allows you to convert guests into purchasers. Online shopping dominates the market these days with over 79% of purchases made online. Instagram’s latest updates give your customers the opportunity to ask questions and have direct access to account administrators, which could increase conversion rates and customer happiness.