Advancing Birmingham Business Networking with Social Media

Birmingham, AL is a growing and thriving city that has an amazing outlook for the future. With everything from Regions Field and Railroad Park to a renewed interest from developers, our community is rapidly progressing.
Although Birmingham is the largest city in the state, many people throughout the city are connected in some degree to just about everyone else. For example, if you attend a local Birmingham Professional Alliance meeting then you will see everyone from the CEO of American Pipe and Supply and bDot Architecture to DMS, which recently landed on the Inc. 5000 list.
In short, we do a good job of networking in person, but we can do much better with social media networking.
We all know that one of the best ways to grow and develop our community is by utilizing the services of our local businesses. However, business networking meetings are not always the best times to talk about an upcoming service you will be offering or simply provide information that you feel is beneficial for other businesses in the community.
Fortunately, social media platforms provide the perfect opportunity to do just that – share about your business, local news, and other relevant information that can not only help your business but can also help you become more aware of other businesses and organizations in the area.
Introducing the New Birmingham Business Networking Group
So, let’s fix this problem! As of today, there is a new Birmingham Business Networking group on LinkedIn and community in Google+. Please feel free to join either (or both!) and help do your part to not only share what is going on with your business, but also learn more about other businesses and organizations in the city that you can help support.
Take an active part in growing Birmingham by supporting one another by utilizing the power of social media – a free way to connect and share.

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