Building Trust in a Brand through Social Media

building trust on social media
Trust is a huge factor when it comes to consumers supporting businesses, and social media has become one of, if not the most prominent method through which companies are seen. Unfortunately, many social media platforms have dealt with credibility issues as of late, but if your brand consistently applies the trust factors listed below, it will not negatively affect your personal brand image – in fact, you’ll look like a star!  


Social media is much different from traditional marketing. One valuable tool that it provides is the ability to showcase the reliability of your company. Simple things like quick responses to messages and comments on visitors’ posts go a long way in showing that your company actually cares about its customers! Also, your online employees should understand that they need to be just as polite and prompt as if a customer walked into the store and asked a question. Another way of wording this: customer service.

Being Genuine

Social media has become the best method for consumers to interact with their favorite companies, and every action you take on each platform represents your brand. Part of being genuine is maintaining a consistent message; this happens naturally when you and your team have a clear understanding of your established brand image in mind. Another tip: do not write statuses that make you sound like a sales robot – customers want to know, relate to, and feel like a part of your brand.


As digital marketing gains more skepticism in how much privacy is actually permitted, it is important that your brand makes transparency a focal point of your online image. Even though some users are experiencing trust issues towards many platforms, your brand does not have to be included! This goes back to being genuine – be honest with your fans when discussing your brand, your products, and your image.

Uptick Can Help!

Every employee at Uptick Marketing has a passion for the world of digital marketing and the art of building connections with potential customers. We understand what consumers are looking for and have the experience needed to provide it. Social media is a constantly changing world, but the right team will always put your company ahead of the curve. Contact us today for more information on what Uptick can do for you.

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