Buyer Personas and Your Social Media Strategy

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We have discussed buyer personas in the past and how they can effectively allow you to flesh out your ideal customer. Having a good understanding of your audience is a great place to start in shaping the voice you will use and the content you will make to connect with them. But what happens when you make a buyer persona and the content you made from it isn’t engaging like you’d hoped?
We discuss this and how to inject life into your buyer persona-inspired content.

Try Using Lifestyle Content

Buyer personas are great in outlining what a consumer buys, their age, and more, but your work doesn’t stop there. You can bring your personas to life through lifestyle content that is oriented around their personal interests. Sometimes it’s beneficial to make posts that don’t focus on your product or service, but on the personality traits of your target demographic. If your target group likes the outdoors, are coffee fenatics, or are avid readers, make an effort to produce content that piques those interests.               

Use Emotions To Drive Engagement

It isn’t always beneficial to push out content that just shows your product or service as-is. Try creating an emotional experience around the post that invokes a certain feeling from your audience. If your company sells outdoors products, creating content that portrays an adventure! Creating that emotional connection between you and your customer will further drive their loyalty to your brand.

Know The Related Interests of Your Audience

There’s a good chance that your target customer likes a great many things that are relevant to your brand. In our previous example, your customer likes the outdoors, but they may also like movies – so try posting a picture of your product at a drive in movie! Leveraging your customers’ interests, emotions, and lifestyles is a great way to generate momentum behind your social media strategy.

Engage Your Audience With Authentic Content

Is your business having trouble generating real results from your buyer personas? Our team at Uptick has years of experience creating authentic, curated content for a multitude of brands and products! Contact us today for more information on how to bring your strategy to life.

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