Content Marketing: From Tweets and Blogs to ROI

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Content marketing is truly the key to a successful digital marketing strategy (Don’t tell anyone in SEO I said that). Quality content makes you stand out and in turn increases your return on investment. There are many challenges that come with content marketing, but have no fear! Nisha is here with ways to overcome content marketing obstacles and deliver ROI.
Content marketing includes everything from social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) to blogging. Standard tips for content marketing include: begin with a quality headline; ask a question; state something surprising; be creative.
But beyond the basics, there are things you need to know to take your content marketing to the next level. It all begins with optimizing your content.

Optimization Is Key

What is optimization? It is providing information to help search engines and users find your content online.  Then, you obtain information on when, why, and how people are clicking on your links. Using that data, you can then optimize your titles and headlines to improve the rate of clicks and conversion, which can help improve traffic to your site.
Metrics can give you a clearer sense of your content performance, brand awareness and engagement, and traffic to your website. Analyzing these data points can then give you a newfound insight into what’s working and what’s not.
Through email marketing, you can send your content directly to your consumer and track explicit details called consumption metrics – like the percentage of opened emails and click through rates. Conversion rates speak to your content value directly.

ROI Through Content Marketing

Remember that return-on-investment (ROI) is the end goal. What’s working is whatever is getting more consumers to not only visit your page, but to buy from your business. Most consumers require between 7 and 10 touch points before making a purchase decision. A touch point is each time a consumer engages with your brand. So, if they see a tweet from your business, that’s a touchpoint. If they then click through to read more – touchpoint.
That being said, getting your customer to engage more than five times can be challenging. So, what’s your strategy? You must influence a ‘buyer’s journey.’ This is a four step process defined by many marketing theorists as Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Decision. It really is as simple as it sounds.

Influence Your Buyer’s Journey with Content Marketing

Through content marketing, your first goal is to make consumers aware of your product or service and of your brand. You are not trying to sell your consumer anything (yet). So, your content should be easily accessible, entertaining, and free.
Figure out what your target audience wants to read and give them that content. You are merely grabbing their attention, educating them, and entertaining them long enough to get to them to the second stage of the buyer’s journey: Interest.
Interest sparks from awareness. Now, you are trying to engage your consumer to the point of desire. You must use persuasive techniques and provide your consumers with solutions to their problems (via your product or service).
There are different ways to create content that peaks interest – case studies, white papers, and webinars are some great examples. These items can lead them to increase their desire, ultimately leading them to make a buying decision.

Metrics Measure Success

Remember to track metrics. How many touch points have you made? Is your target audience ready to make a decision? Help them do so. Offer a free quote, consultation, or demo. Get their contact information and contact them immediately via email or phone, or even in person to translate that lead into a conversion.
And that folks, is how content marketing will get you the results you are looking for!

Need Help with Content Marketing?

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