Content Marketing Myths: BUSTED!

Have you ever heard someone make a statement about content marketing and thought, “Hm, I wonder if that’s really true?” Well, maybe it is – or maybe it’s a marketing myth!
Today, I’m going to take three of the biggest content marketing myths out there, and I’m going to bust them. Are you ready? Here we go!

Myth #1: Blogs Are a Thing of the Past.

Nope! The truth is that Facebook and Twitter have actually made blogging more popular. These blogs, disguised as articles from sources like BuzzFeed, have even shaped the course of politics (let’s not get started on that one).
With the right content and strategy, a blog can be a valuable sales tool that makes you a thought leader in your industry – so if anything, blogging is bigger now than it has ever been before.

Myth #2: Content Marketing is Pointless; Nobody Reads Anymore.

While it’s true that people are consuming information in paper format less, they are actually consuming digital content more. Look in a doctor’s waiting room, subway, train, etc. and you will see most people reading intently on their mobile device.
Content marketing is most certainly not dead, and you have only to look around for a moment before you realize it’s more alive than ever.

Myth #3: Having a Separate Blog from Your Website is a Good Thing.

This is a big ol’ no-no. Do not separate your blog from your website. Having one domain benefits your SEO, and all backlinks to blog posts will strengthen your SEO (which basically means you’ll rank higher in the search results).
Having the blog on your site will also help your entire site rank better because Google loves fresh content. It’s also cheaper and easier to promote a single “brand” than to promote two of them.

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