Crafting a Subject Line that Stands Out

email subject line
How many emails do you receive in a day? How many do you end up opening and reading? Many of us don’t open anything that’s not from family or someone we know personally. If we do it’s usually because of a subject line that captures our attention. Even people who sign up to receive email updates from a company have the habit of pressing delete before opening an email. So how do we word a subject line to get people who are interested in our company to actually open the email to learn about our latest updates and offers? We discuss the best ways to capture this interest here.

Keep It Clear

Hopefully the emails you’re sending have something interesting inside. Whether it’s a giveaway, new information, an important graphic, or anything else – you want the receiving party to understand what is on the other end of that subject line.
Little things like attaching a descriptor after your subject line can make a drastic difference. For example, the title “How to Improve a Subject Line (Blog)” let’s the reader know exactly what to expect when opening your email. If they decide to open it, they are guaranteed to be interested in the material you are writing. Even if they don’t click on this email, they will trust your company to be straightforward with what to expect in the future.

Don’t Overdo It

The last thing you want for your subject line is to seem like you’re spam or doing a typical sales pitch. Keep it light on the peer pressure and unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. While it may work for some people, it will drive even more away. The last thing you want to do is push a once interested customer to canceling your direct line of contact with them! Clear and to the point is definitely the best way to get your target audience’s attention.
We also recommend avoiding cheap tricks like attaching “Re:” to the beginning of your subject line to make it seem like a response email and lines like “we thought you might like this”. Even if that’s able to convince some to open your email, they will more than likely not enjoy being duped into something they weren’t aware of.

Let Uptick Help!

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