How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

Summary: Want to create a strong social media content strategy? First and foremost, you need to have a content strategy. Your social media strategy should always been an extension of your overall content marketing plan. Then, you determine when and what to post on which social media platforms based on everything from your target audience behaviors and best types of posts for each platform to industry-related news and events.
Start With a Blogging Schedule
Before you can even get started with creating a great social media content strategy, you have to first need to know your blogging schedule. Having high-quality, industry-related blogs is an essential part of effectively utilizing social media to improve your business’s online presence and foster trust with your audience.
When are you going to blog? What are your blogs going to be about? Who will be writing each blog? When are press releases going out? Etc.
(Note: One of the best ways to create a content strategy involves downloading a monthly calendar template and filling in the calendar with when content will be released).
After you determine your blogging schedule, you are ready to start creating your social media content strategy.
Step 1:  Examine Your Target Audience
Who is your audience? What social media platforms are they on? When are they typically online? Your audience will help you determine which platforms you to focus on and the best times to post your content.
Step 2: Outline Your Key Messages
After you determine your audience, you have to outline your key messages. What will be the focus of your social media engagements? What are you wanting to communicate to your audience?
Step 3: Brainstorm with Your Team
Now that you know what you want to talk about, it’s time to meet with your team and brainstorm for post ideas. Including your entire team is essential to ensure you have a wide range of post ideas. Create a list of ideas that align with your key messages.
Step 4: Determine Posting Frequency
Once you have a solid list of things to talk about, it is time to determine your posting frequency. It is best to break this out by platform. For example, will you post to Facebook once per day and Twitter three times per day? Just make sure once you determine your post frequency that you adhere to the schedule – consistency is important.
Once you determine your posting frequency, some like to add this to their blogging calendar for quick reference.
Step 5: Assign Someone to Ensure Strategy is Followed
Finally, assign someone (or a couple of people) to ensure your new social media content strategy is followed. A big part of this step involves reminding team members to like, share, and comment to help improve overall reach.
Engaging with your target audience on social media platforms is key to showing your expertise and building relationships by providing high-quality, relevant, and useful information. Creating a social media content strategy is essential for consistency and to holding your team accountable for utilizing social media to build your brand’s online presence.
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