Creating a Basic Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan
Marketing plans are essential for a successful business, yet we’ve noticed many companies don’t have one when we first meet. Even if you understand what your plan is, having a written copy with clear points is important for expanding your company’s success. This allows everyone on your team to better work together toward common goals and to break down communication barriers. Let’s take a closer look at each step of a quality marketing plan.

Creating a Buyer Persona & Key Message

First and foremost, you need to know who you’re selling to and how you plan on converting them to your business. This step is crucial for a successful marketing plan, so really take the time to understand your audience. Our Free 2018 Online Marketing Blueprint makes this step easy.

Talk to the 80%

Digital business guru Seth Godin once said, “There are people that need your products and services. Selling to people that actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t.” Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find and connect with target audiences thanks to today’s marketing landscape. Understand who your audience is, then put your message right in front of them.

Understand Analytics

One of the most appealing things about digital marketing is the details that come with analytics. Taking advantage of this extra information is a must. Set clear goals with your different sources (social media, SEO, ads, etc.) and use this information to adapt your strategy moving forward.

Focus on the Website

Having a quality website that guides customers to conversions needs to be the centerpiece of your digital marketing goals. You can send interested parties to your site, but you will lose them if it appears unprofessional or makes it too difficult to complete an action. Find an unbiased friend or family member who can survey your website and provide honest feedback to help provide a clear understanding of what needs to change.

Consistent Exposure

Marketers used to aim for an individual in their target audience to see their brand roughly 8 times to capture their attention and begin the sales process. We now recommend even more exposure – with 25-30 views being ideal. Luckily, this is easier than ever before. Social media, paid ads, behavioral advertising, and more allow you to appear on interested consumer’s screens through multiple channels.

Optimizing Website

As I mentioned earlier, the website is the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy. SEO gives a cleaner feel to your website and also provides the information needed to bring your business to the front of search engine results.

Measure, Learn, Adjust

As you act on your marketing plan, it will become apparent when things aren’t working like you thought. Keeping track of this information and developing solutions allows your company to continue growing while learning. Have a plan in place that allows you to do this.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help!

Making a marketing plan is easy. Making one that correctly captures your company’s goals is more difficult, especially if you aren’t fully adept at the various aspects of digital marketing. You can combine your expertise of your industry with a professional who knows how to reach customers in order to reach your goals more efficiently and effectively. The team at Uptick Marketing is ready to show you these answers. Contact us today for a free consultation.