The 10th Day of Marketing: Video Marketing

Affordable Videos for Businesses
On the 10th day of Marketing we want to give to you…brand awareness with one of the most powerful (and most fun) marketing techniques ever: video marketing.
“Why,” you may ask, “would I need or want to put the time and energy into creating a video for my business? Instead of asking why, though, we think you should be asking, “Why not?”
For starters, know this: people love videos. They’re easier to understand than written content and take much less time to consume. Plus, they drive up engagement. It’s a fact that on Facebook, for example, people are far more likely to interact with a video than anything else.
Video marketing will only add to your online presence, and it will drive customers to your site. Take into consideration one company with mega strong video branding, Dollar Shave. They had a website and did pretty well, then they added a video that linked back to their website. This video has had some serious success!
Just one short, well-produced video that went viral has established their niche brand to thousands of new customers.
Video marketing will visually showcase your branding and give validity to what you truly have to offer. This will move you up on Google’s list, and Santa’s too! It will give you an opportunity to be seen on YouTube, Facebook, and other popular platforms, and that in itself will increase your brand awareness to more customers than your website alone can do.
Wait, there is more Christmas cheer: we give you the gift of providing this service here at Uptick! Our professional and talented team is better than the North Pole elves at making this marketing tool the gift that keeps on giving all year long.
Check out the video below for an example. Remember, it doesn’t have to be animated! Interviews and having real people on your video can also go a long way toward helping communicate your message.

Need Video Marketing Help? Turn to Uptick Marketing

Contact us if you want more information on creating great videos for your website, social media, sales team, and beyond. Seeing is believing, after all, and when your customers see your videos, they’ll believe for sure!

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