Designing an Effective Website

designing a website
For most companies, designing a website is an early step in the business plan – especially if they want digital marketing to have a role in their success. While it’s very important to have a website, it’s even more important that this website has an effective design that will actually engage and convert potential customers. But how can business owners that may not necessarily be website design experts know if their site is up to par? We discuss some of the major things to look for below.

Know Your Audience

The ideal website will vary depending on the audience it’s aiming to reach. Every detail of your site should be made with this factor in mind. Content is obviously one of the most important aspects that visiting customers will pay attention to. Make sure to not only have appropriate and interesting information and blogs, but the vocabulary and understanding to show why your product or service is better than the competition.


Few things push a potential customer away quicker than a clunky or unorganized website. Settling for a basic layout that isn’t polished at all can result in website visitors not trusting your product or business. Even the biggest online shoppers will hesitate before giving their information to a poorly-made website.
It’s also important to realize that you don’t have to cover every empty space on a website. Key picture placements, along with clear headlines and blank space, allow potential customers to easily find the most important information and move to the decision-making step of the purchasing process. Also, you don’t have to try and make the most unique website in the world. While we don’t want your site to look simple, customers also don’t want to spend time trying to figure out how it works! Put the information and incentives over trying to be fancy.


While the website is where we usually strive to send customers to, it’s also important that individuals visiting the website are able to access your company’s social media, Youtube, and other platforms you use to raise brand awareness. Most people don’t purchase a product the first time they visit a website, so it’s crucial that they see reasons to return after they initially leave. While this can also be done through other digital marketing methods, letting the user make a conscious decision to continue supporting your brand is the best-case-scenario

Uptick Marketing Knows Websites

Uptick Marketing and our parent company at Infomedia have decades of experience in designing the best website for each of our clients’ individuals needs. Whether it’s a law firm, a nonprofit, a dentist, or anything else – we have the answers to your tough designing questions. Contact us for more information!

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