What Is the Difference Between Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts?

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Facebook offers its users two major ways to advertise on its platform: ads and boosted posts. At first glance, they look pretty similar, but what about when it comes to performance? Which one does better under a given set of circumstances?
Uptick understands the confusion – and we’re here to explain the difference. Keep reading below for more on Facebook ads vs. boosted posts.

Understanding a Boosted Post

Boosted posts are the starting point of advertising on Facebook. Essentially, you take a post that already exists on the page, and you click the “Boost Post” button. Then, you select your budget, create your audience, and watch the interactions begin! (After Facebook approves the boost, of course.)
If you hadn’t boosted the post, a tiny fraction of your page’s followers would have actually seen it. But when you boost, you’re paying to put that post in front of the people that you believe are most likely to take action when they see it. These people don’t have to like your page; Facebook can get the post in front of anyone.
So, what are boosted posts good for? Engagement and awareness – especially with comments, likes, and shares. But there is a more customizable version of advertising on Facebook that may work better for you.

Understanding Facebook Ads

Because ads are more advanced than a boosted post, they require that you have an ad manager account.
When you use Facebook ads, you have more options at your fingertips regarding how to tailor your campaign audience. For example, you can design an ad based on what your goals are: likes, clicks to website, event responses, video views, and more.
You also have the option to add a Call to Action button at the bottom of the ad that encourages people to take the action you want them to take. And finally, you have more targeting options than with a boosted post, which is always a huge benefit when it comes to getting your information in front of the right people.

Still Not Sure About Facebook Ads vs. Boosted Posts?

We know – it can be confusing. Fortunately, Uptick is here to guide all your social media efforts, and we know Facebook inside and out! Contact us today for more information on Facebook advertising and more.

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