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Are your digital branding tactics up to par for the new year?
Let’s take a look at four trends to help with leveraging the power of digital marketing when planning your strategy for 2015.

Responsive Website Design Is Essential

birmingham digital agencyThis seems obvious, but we are including it because a lot of people still do not have responsive website designs. Responsive websites scale based on the device with which it is being viewed. For example, your website looks great on a desktop, but how does it look on an iPhone?
Gone are the days of “mobile” websites. Instead, your website should have the same URL and should merely scale based on the device.
In short, it is incredibly important to think about your website looks like outside of a desktop browser.
According to Pew Research, 58% of adults own a smart phone. What does that mean? People are using their phones for online browsing and if your website is not responsive and optimal for viewing on these mobile devices, then you are losing opportunities to gain customers.
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Get Social – Where Appropriate

If you are still avoiding social media, make a commitment to leverage social media platforms in 2015 to help grow your business. It is essential for your business to be on every social media platform that makes sense for your overall business goals.
For example, if you are a business-to-business (B2B) organization, then Facebook may not be the best fit. However, LinkedIn is unavoidable as it can lead to an increase in revenue if used correctly.
Additionally, it is pertinent that you think about your brand’s presence on these essential platforms. What do your profiles images and “cover photos” look like? Are they consistent across each platform? Your brand’s design should be relatively consistent across each platform.
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User Experience – Make It Fun!

There is an abundance of information out there today, and therefore it’s harder for businesses to capture the attention of users. It is pertinent that you think about the user experience in everything you do and that you take an opportunity to make it fun.
For example, are you using headers in your blog posts? Are you including pictures or other graphics to help separate the text? Improving the user experience and breaking down information in a manner that makes skimming easy will continue to be important in 2015.
Plus, consider what you are writing about. Help your customers to feel like they belong on your website or social media profile page and improve the chances that they will share their experiences with others. Be creative. Include images. Remember, it is okay to have fun and create light-hearted content and social media posts.
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Keep It Simple

Finally, remember the importance of simplicity. Make sure everything that you do for your brand’s digital presence is visually appealing and effective. Overwhelming graphics and design can distract from your brand’s message; therefore, when all else fails, keep it simple.

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