Digital Marketing Has Changed the Landscape of Business—Here’s How

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While still in existence, television ads, direct mail, radio and the like just aren’t as effective as digital marketing. Think of it this way: we’ve all heard that saying of “you need to see an ad seven to eight times before that brand sticks with you”—but now, times are different. The stats now say that we need to see someone’s brand a whopping 25-30 times before we remember them. That seems crazy, but compared to the 1,000-1,500 ads/brands that we see each day? Makes a lot of sense. Plus, it’s online that most people are doing all of their researching and even purchasing. According to Statista, in 2016 there were 209.6 million online shoppers, and now, there are 224.1 million, just three years later.

Level the Playing Field with Digital Marketing

Along with many, many other perks of digital marketing—the main one being choosing and being in front of your target audience—it has also leveled the playing field among even the most competitive of companies. This is simply because Google will rank companies higher in search results according to specifics efforts, and not necessarily due to a large sum of the green stuff. Yes, a larger budget can offer more toward those efforts, but there are just too many deciding factors, such as quality content, that anyone can participate in.

The Facts are in the Data

It is important to include data collection and analysis into your marketing mantra. From website analytics to customer segmentation to success rates, it is key to digital marketing success.
With data, companies can view analytics that allow them to know what their site visitors are doing. Whether that be seeing how they came, what they viewed or how long they stayed, data let’s you see the facts and then make changes to cater best to your potential customers.
Further, data collection allows the user to create “buckets” for categorizing their different buyers, based on demographics and behavior, so that a more targeted campaign can be created and implemented.
Lastly, the collection of data means facts on what’s working and what simply isn’t. That awesome blog you thought was bringing in new traffic? Well, it was actually the rewards program you started. This allows you to fuel the fires that are already catching momentum, rather than spending time and resources on fanning a dying ember. Take the emotion out with the magic of data!

Stay Social

Be where your customers are. Where is that? Most likely on social media. When you show up and start catering to their needs, acting upon their likes and interests and continuing to interact with them, they will fall in love with a product and brand that they trust. It changes the game from talking at your customers to talking to them. That’s something that today’s average consumer wants—to know that the product they love is provided by real people.
One other note to add: treat your business and your customers with the quality they both deserve. Hire experienced, proven digital marketers who will provide professional social media management that both caters to your customers and represents your brand’s message well. It requires much time and commitment—as well as expertise—and the payoff is well worth it.

Save Some Green

Digital marketing may be uncharted territory for you, or it may be a subject of a bad experience. Either way it goes, it is a great idea to dive in with digital marketing professionals. When done right, your return could be more than you could have dreamed, especially with costs being way less than traditional marketing efforts. This medium is more effective because it takes place where most consumers are: online.

Face Your Fears

One area of fear for most companies when marketing online is in the bad review. We have all heard the horror stories of a bad review ruining a company’s reputation. While you cannot prevent someone from leaving a bad review entirely, there are ways to handle the ones that do come in with grace and honesty. The best way to do this? Reply to your customers. Not only should you respond to any disgruntled customers, but you should also acknowledge a happy customer’s praises. Everyone wants to feel heard and this is the perfect opportunity to let them know that you do hear them and that your company cares.

Call Uptick!

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