Digital Marketing: Easier than Doing Your Taxes!

traditional marketing to digital marketing
Are you struggling to pull yourself away from your Netflix binge session long enough to buckle down and do your taxes? We know – taxes (along with death) are one of the hard, ugly, evil certainties of life. But we aren’t here to talk about taxes; that would be insanely boring. Instead, we are going to talk about another, easier (and more fun!) life necessity rapidly making its way into the sphere of every business owner: digital marketing.
As a millennial, I’ll admit I’m a little stunned to hear that skeptics of digital marketing still roam around out there in the world. I mean, c’mon — how can you deny the power of the interwebs?!
But then again, if I put myself into the shoes of those who weren’t raised in a digital world, I can being to understand their hesitancy. It has only been around a few decades, and it is always changing. Traditional marketing is just that: traditional. Keeping up with newest digital trends can be hard…
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But so are taxes, and yet somehow you always find a way to drag yourself to your desk and get them done. So there’s no excuse, really. In fact, switching from traditional marketing to digital marketing is EASIER than doing your taxes! How? Three reasons.

#1: Immediate Results

Instead of purchasing more materials and waiting around for them to arrive, when you switch from traditional marketing to digital marketing, you’re purchasing an online presence — and that is immediate. For example, if you are purchasing ad space in a newspaper, you use time creating the ad, you wait for the ad to be published, and then you wait for consumers to buy the newspaper and flip to your ad. With digital marketing, you create and ad, upload it, and BOOM — it’s immediately in front of all your potential customers!

#2: No Wasting Time

With the right company (cough:: Uptick Marketing ::cough) you don’t have to worry about a bunch of red tape. Stop wasting time focusing on your marketing instead of your customers. Just tell us what you want, and we will make it happen! From social media to Google Adwords, we can do it for you!

#3: Get Your Money’s Worth

When you’re doing your taxes, you’re not always sure what you’re going to get back — in fact, sometimes you owe money. YIKES! The same is true of traditional marketing: you can’t always measure how effective your ads are, therefore you may spend buckets of money on a long-running powerless ad. With digital marketing, there are ways to actually avoid wasting your money! If a Google Ad isn’t succeeding, dump it or adjust it. On the other hand, if an ad is lucrative, you can actually measure your ROI!
There you have it: proof that switching from traditional marketing to digital marketing is easier than doing your taxes! We understand waiting until tax day to file — but do yourself a favor and switch to digital marketing today!

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Uptick’s Vice President of Operations, Anne studied Advertising and Public Relations and Spanish at the University of Alabama, spending one semester abroad at La Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in Madrid, Spain. Her love for the art of language has translated into four published works, multiple speaking engagements, and also, marketing. At Uptick, Anne oversees Uptick’s internal operations, including four production teams (content marketing, digital advertising, SEO, and support), process development and management, and internal business strategy. The Birmingham Business Journal also named Anne the 2022 Business Leader of the Year.

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