Digital Marketing: FAQs from Prospective Clients

digital marketing
When I’m meeting with a prospective client, they typically have a few things they want to know as part of their research process. I love getting to answer their questions because it gives me the opportunity to share about Uptick’s methodology and explain why we do things the way we do.
Today, I’d like to share that same information with you so that if you’re considering digital marketing for your business, you can educate yourself on the industry and what to expect with this particular form of marketing. Read on!

Q1. What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing?

Traditional marketing typically addresses one stage of the buying cycle: brand awareness. Digital marketing, on the other hand, can take prospective customers all the way through the buying cycle from brand awareness to brand advocacy.
You can also track results better with digital marketing than, say, a billboard on Highway 280. Also, with digital marketing, we can make sure we are getting in front of your perfect client instead of wasting money by casting a wide net and hoping for the best.

Q2. What’s the Difference in Your Good, Better, and Best Packages?

At Uptick, we don’t have packages. Every strategy is tailored to your specific needs with budget in mind. We can roll out our services in phases, and some services work better when you use them together, but there aren’t any predetermined packages.

Q3. When Will We Start Seeing Results?

How do you define results? Having someone become aware of your brand for the first time can be accomplished with the first ad impression. Having someone visit your website and fill out a form may take multiple impressions, and even more before someone actually buys.
The key is repetition. We first have to set goals that indicate buying behavior and focus on those. Marketing is the right message, at the right time, to the right person, with repetition. This process will lead to purchases.

Looking for Digital Marketing Solutions?

Here at Uptick, we love digital marketing – and we’re passionate about helping people understand what it is and how it can help their business. If you’re looking for more information about digital marketing services, feel free to reach out to us – we’re always happy to have a conversation!

About Jerry

Jerry (a.k.a. ‘ol’ Presentation Eyes’) is a founding partner at Uptick and our Vice President of Business Development. Jerry has 20+ years of digital marketing experience and has worked extensively with several local businesses, from dental practices to retail stores. Over his career, Jerry has worked with businesses, big and small, including brands like Target, Wells Fargo, and Coca-Cola United. He has also been engaged in several speaking events, presenting at the American Marketing Association, American Advertising Federation, and for chamber of commerces across Alabama.

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