Do You Know the Value of Your Google Business Profile Page?

google business profile page
You’re missing out on opportunities if you don’t have a Google Business Profile (GBP). Pew Research notes that ninety-one percent of adults obtain business information through search engines. Formerly called Google My Business (GMB), this listing tool promotes a company’s goods and services. 
You can also share information such as your location, operating hours, and pictures.
Note that GBP only supports businesses with direct customer contact. That includes sellers running physical stores or those meeting clients face-to-face. Online-only merchants can use Google services such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. Here’s how you benefit from a Google Business Profile page.
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1. Free Advertisement

From sole proprietorships and corporations to limited liability companies and partnerships, GBP is free for everyone. If you cannot afford Google Ads, GBP offers targeted search engine exposure at no cost. Registering a business profile is also simple. Here’s how to create an account:

  1. Log in to the GBP manager
  2. Enter your business
  3. Fill in your location
  4. Enter contact details
  5. Verify the business
  6. Profile customization

2. More Visibility

GBP increases visibility across various Google services, for example, Google Shopping, Google Maps, and Google Search. By doing so, GBP improves booking and sales—while promoting brand awareness.
That goes hand-in-hand with appearing on the Local Pack. This SERP feature displays a map and three business names after a local search. Remember, Google’s Local Pack occupies a large space on the search results page, making it noticeable to users.

3. Local SEO

A Google Business Profile page improves your chances of appearing on local search results when people search for nearby services. For instance, suppose you need a phone but cannot stand the long delivery times. You can search for phone stores near you and Google will display electronics stores in your area. This helps you choose a seller with favorable working hours, and who is not too far from you. You also check reviews and gauge the vendor’s trustworthiness. An optimized GBP listing guarantees top rankings, regardless of whether customers search through Google or Google Maps.

Enhancing Your Google Business Profile

Creating your business profile isn’t enough. With all the merchants in your industry, outshining the competition is necessary to attract customers. The first optimization strategy is increasing Google reviews. Strive to grow your review volume, word count, score, and frequency. Moreover, responding to reviews makes you more appealing to Google and customers. However, the ratings should be honest. Otherwise, Google will warn users against your page when you employ spammy tactics.
Another measure is completing your Google Business Profile page with relevant details. This way, customers don’t struggle to find business information such as phone numbers and web addresses. Don’t forget to update profile details from time to time to familiarize customers with emerging business changes. This goes together with adding content. By targeting keywords, you boost a listing’s authority and paint a picture of your business to prospects. You could also add photos and videos to increase visual appeal.

Bottom Line

Anyone looking to boost their reach and profits should consider a Google Business Profile. No matter the company size, you can improve your business performance using GBP. All you need to do is position yourself as the best solution for your consumers’ needs.
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