Ignoring Giving Tuesday Is a Big Mistake for Your Business—Here’s Why

The most generous day of the year is around the corner! This year, Giving Tuesday is on November 29. That means you still have time to pick a nonprofit (if you haven’t already) to support.

Giving Tuesday can sneak up on even the most well-meaning individual or business. However, it’s a HUGE mistake to ignore it altogether. Learn how participating in Giving Tuesday is essential, even if you might initially think otherwise and have waited until the last minute.

Why You Should Care About Giving Tuesday as a Business

Business is about business, right? Well, yes and no. The answer is not always as cut and dry as you might think. Sure, you want to do well, make money, and stay in business. But there are many ways to get there—not least of all being community-driven and minded.

It can be more than easy for a business to hide behind the banner of capitalism as its sole purpose for existing. However, since your business is made up of people, it only makes sense that you would make an effort to give back to the community that helps you keep your doors open, pay employees, and be successful. 

Giving Tuesday is a ready-made way to do just this. Plus, it’s super easy to get (and stay) involved. It comes around every November, so you can get ahead on the following year’s Giving Tuesday or easily get in last-minute for the one forthcoming. And, with its advantageous position on the calendar, it gives your business an extra chance for deduction come tax time for that year.

But back to the people-side of things. It’s in your business’s interest to care for causes close to your community. Statistics show that consumer and employee loyalty is higher among businesses that support a cause.

How Giving Tuesday Is a Key Part of Business (Even If Done Last Minute)

Marketing is a big part of business. But marketing is also a necessity for nonprofits (the main beneficiaries of Giving Tuesday) too. 

Nonprofits do a lot of the work that most people don’t want to do, but it can be hard for them to get the exposure they need to make a bigger impact. By partnering with a local nonprofit on (or during) Giving Tuesday, you can help them reach a new audience through your loyal customers.

For instance, you can help get the word out about the great work they’re doing and how you’re (one of) their GivingTuesday sponsor(s) by doing a special social media engagement campaign, live fundraiser drive, employee peer-to-peer competition, or something similar.

For example, announce you’re matching donations or donating a portion of your sales on Giving Tuesday to encourage customers to make a gift or shop extra hard that day. The great thing is you can do this leading up to Giving Tuesday or on the day itself (if you’re trying to get in last-minute).

How You Get Returns Through Giving Tuesday

So, how does all this help you? It’s simple, really. More and more consumers are choosing to shop where their dollars make a difference in the world—and with companies that have environmentally-friendly products and practices.

In fact, according to market research, among company attributes that consumers find most important, price/value was at the bottom of the list after environmentally-friendly business practices, giving back to the local community, social responsibility, and supporting social movements.

Studies also show that young job-seekers are more drawn to companies that take their corporate social responsibility seriously than previous generations.

Giving Tuesday grants you a near-immediate in to capitalizing on these growing trends. It’s a way to help a good cause, give back to the community, support a nonprofit, attain a deduction, and even earn some new audience(s) in the process. It’s literally as win-win as you can get in the business world. And, the great news is, there’s still time to jump on the bandwagon before year’s end.

Ready to Get Started?

Show your customers that social responsibility matters to you this Giving Tuesday, even if you’re coming into it last minute. It’s almost late November—but it’s not too late to show your support and make a difference. Still trying to figure out where to start? Consider one of our nonprofit partners, HoneyWord, and reach out to us for more ideas! Click here to learn more about HoneyWord and its mission.

Note: HoneyWord is featured as part of their ongoing Giving Tuesday campaign. If your nonprofit would like to be featured next year and beyond, reach out to Uptick Marketing to learn more.