It’s Easier than Ever to Score Positive Reviews on Google – Here’s Why

Positive Google reviews

The Facts

In the past, leaving a Google Review required that a reviewer have a Google Plus account. Google has recently dropped this Google+ requirement for leaving reviews – making reviewing a lot easier, and a lot more fun!
Now, to leave a review, you are only required to have a Gmail account and supply your first and last name. Yes, it’s that simple!
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Why This Matters

Reviews are important! Many potential customers read reviews while looking for a company to call upon, so – the more reviews, the better.
We all know that Google’s dream of making Google+ Facebook’s biggest competitor fell flat on its face, and because of this, a lot of people see creating a G+ account as another way to increase the number of spam emails in your inbox. Requiring a Google+ account for reviews felt more like a barrier than a platform for posting free and honest opinions. This led to fewer reviews and lower chances for business promotion.

What This Means

Without the Google+ requirement, reviewers are more likely to leave comments. This has great potential for booming business. If this update is used wisely, your business can benefit, gaining a new batch of positive reviews!
However, the update also means that spammers, disgruntled former employees, or otherwise unsavory characters are able to leave false, negative reviews. Gmail accounts are not hard to make, and a malicious user could plausibly create multiple emails to use for suspicious purposes. The previous Google+ account requirement offered a bit of guarantee that the review was legitimate. Without it, we may see an increase of false reviews.

Take Advantage of the Update

Reviews have always been important, as I mentioned in my Local SEO Guide for Beginners, but now, with Google Reviews being easier than ever, happy customers will be more likely to leave a review. Don’t let this opportunity get away!
Take advantage of this Google update. Get out there and score some positive Google reviews. Build your business’s online reputation. Then, keep that hard-earned reputation clean.

Learn More About Online Review Tracking

Did you know that it’s possible to become notified every time there is a new online review for your company?
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