Efficient Advertising: Comparing the Cost of Facebook Ads with Other Advertising Methods

Lately, we have been doing a lot of Facebook ads for our clients ranging from real estate agents to law firms. Why? Because these ads are not only incredibly affordable, but there are some great benefits besides one-time visibility in comparison to other means of advertising.
Let’s use a coffee shop as an example.
The Cost of 30-Second Commercials
The local coffee shop can spend anywhere from $500 – $1,500 just for the production of a commercial and then an additional $200 to $1,500 for a 30-second spot on a local channel. Therefore, even on the low end you are talking about $700 (and most people will tell you that is very low) for one ad. Let’s assume that 300 people happen to be watching that specific channel at the time that it airs and sees the commercial. In this situation, you’ve spent a lot of money to touch them one time.
The Cost of a Newspaper Ad
Another option is for the coffee shop to purchase an ad in the local paper or magazine. For a one-time run of a half page ad, you are looking at around $650 for most publications (often more).  Not only will you be limited to those who obtain the paper, but you will typically be missing younger generations that no longer rely on print publications to obtain information.
The Power of Facebook Ads
Alternatively, the local coffee shop can utilize Facebook ads and bid for “page likes.” They can specifically target those who live within the same zip code of the coffee shop and can even further specify everything from age to interests. Therefore, the target audience can be selected in a manner that increase the chances that those who see the ad will actually be interested in visiting the local shop.
Plus, when you optimize for page likes, these people are part of your Facebook page and therefore will be far more likely to get your posts and updates in the future. Even if you only spent $100 on Facebook ads, you would get approximately 100 likes to your page.
As you can see, Facebook ads are not only cheaper, but tend to be a lot more effective and allow for better targeting of your desired audience.
In short, if you haven’t tried Facebook ads for your business then now may be a great time to start. For a minimal investment, you can typically better reach your target audience and allow for an increase in touch points for the future, which helps advance your branding and marketing efforts.
If you are interested in learning more about using Facebook and other social media platforms to increase the bottom line of your business, contact Uptick today – we can help you grow your business.

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