Easy Steps to Elevate Your Social Media Strategy

social media strategy
There are currently 2.6 billion people that use social media on a daily basis. Social media provides ample opportunity to showcase your brand in a way that catches the attention of potential customers. But where do you begin? Use these tips for creating an impactful social media strategy.

Read the Field

Planning and preparation is everything in creating a social media strategy. There are various social media platforms that you can use to curate your content, but not everyone of them will yield benefits. This is where reading the field is important, research what platforms work for your industry and narrow down where your content will perform best.

Experiment with Content

Rarely will your first batch of posts hit their mark, a successful social media strategy will require consistent tinkering and testing different kinds of content. There are a handful of free software available to track the engagement and metrics for your social media posts which can be a huge help guiding the style of your content!

Be Responsive

People value interaction. If your followers are liking, quoting, or commenting on your posts, be sure to respond to them and offer opportunities to engage with the brand. Accounts that actively interact with their followers have high levels of consistent engagement metrics.

Vary the Nature of Content

Not everyone likes to see a constant stream of promotional posts or advertisements blowing up on their feed. Vary your content between outright promotional posts and genuine or authentic looking content. Highlighting industry news, achievements, or positive customer experiences are all great ways to add variety to your feed!

Take Advantage of Video Content

Video content is far and above becoming the key to successful social media campaign. If your company has a product, post videos of people using it or unboxing videos. For service industries, posting behind the scenes or live streaming a service/event can be a great way to bring your followers into the process and capture their interest.

Executing Your Social Media Plan

A successful social media plan involves a great deal of attention to detail and the ability to be prompt in your responsiveness. Interested in learning more about what it takes to launch a social media campaign? Our social media and digital marketing team is positioned to take your brand to new heights! Contact us today for more information!