Facebook and Your Business – Key Tips for Success

Facebook for business
There’s no magical formula to successfully marketing your business on Facebook (and other social media platforms for that matter). However, there are definitely steps to get you going in the right direction – up!
Below are some key tips to get you started with improving your business’s Facebook presence the right way!

#1: Visuals work!

Don’t let your posts get lost in users’ already saturated news feeds. Stand out by throwing some visual media in the mix. Photos are good. People love to like, comment, and share photos. Videos are great, too! But remember to keep them short and engaging, or people will scroll on by and miss your message.

#2: Ask questions.

Get people engaged beyond likes. Through comments, not only will your consumers get more socially involved with your business, but your page will also get more traction. The more traction you get, the more likely you are to show up more often on the news feeds of your target audience.

#3: Post frequently.

There really is no perfect number, but you should be posting to Facebook at least three times per week. To keep your posts from being monotonous, try mixing it up. Use your own content. Use related content like blogs and videos from quality sources. Don’t be afraid to be personal – share office pictures with your team members in them.

#4: Discount! Discount! Discount!

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Throw out some offers on your page every now and then to get people interested and keep them engaged. A competition that involves your merchandise or services as a prize will usually prove successful and help build brand ambassadors online.

#5: Connect with your customers.

Keep up with your customers through comments. Answer their questions. Thank them for their input. Apologize for bad experiences. Put the ‘social’ back in social media – engage!

#6: Facebook filters.

Surprise! To get businesses to pay for sponsored posts (tip #7) and to keep newsfeeds from becoming spam feeds, Facebook filters through your posts. That’s why your newsfeed is all the stuff you want to see and not ad after ad. To avoid getting filtered out, keep your customers engaged and invest in sponsored posts. (Did you know that only approximately 1% of the people who “like” your page will actually see your posts? Boosting is the only way around that.)

#7: Boost.

Starting at only $1 a day, you can boost your posts! A boost can be targeted at any audience on Facebook, through demographics like geographic location, age, gender, to interests and other pages that they “like.” Boosting puts your post directly on the newsfeeds or your target audience and is therefore one of the most important keys to business success on Facebook today.

#8: Be yourself!

Be different from your competitors, but remember who you are. Your Facebook page should be an extension of your brand and should therefore be consistent with your overall image and message. It should be a platform that allows consumers to get to know your company better, to get engaged with your business. Again, remember to be personal – post pictures of your team hanging out in the office or grabbing lunch.
At the end of the day, businesses can better reach their target audience through Facebook marketing and advertising. However, the key is to actively engage with your target audience and to be social.

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