Facebook Live: What You Need to Know

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What is Facebook Live? How do you use it? What’s the appeal? And can you actually make relevant content through live video streaming? Nisha Kashyap, social media specialist, back at it again with answers to the important questions!

First Things First: Facebook Live

Facebook is an incredible, affordable tool for your business. With Facebook Live, you can share instantly with your followers. You can respond to comments, answer questions, and see reactions in real time. No editing. No filters. No cuts. Every bit of your content is authentic and instant. For this reason, Facebook Live has taken off!
Ready to make your first Facebook Live video? Check out these tips I found helpful when making ours!

#1 Start with a Plan

You want to make sure your video lasts about five minutes, at least. The longer your broadcast is, the longer viewers have to tune in.
You also want to avoid awkward pauses if you can help it! What is the purpose of your video? Where are you going to film? Who is going to be in it? How are you going to engage your viewers?

#2 Promote Your FB Live Video

Take to your various social media platforms, or just shout from the rooftops! Make sure people are aware that you will be broadcasting so that they can tune in and catch your live video. The more viewers you have while you are filming, the more opportunity you have to engage with those viewers.
Once you are live, encourage your viewers to subscribe to your page and engage with your content. Choose your caption wisely. Make sure it is descriptive and informative.

#3 Engage with Your Viewers

Be willing to answer questions and respond to comments personally. Tell viewers as they are watching that they can tap the “Follow” button. This will opt them into receiving notifications every time you go live.
Go live often, and keep your viewers engaged. Be visually appealing. Think about where you are going to film. Can audio be heard well? Is the lighting okay? Is your background representative of the message you are trying to convey?

Can You Stay Relevant via Live Stream?

Facebook Live video is interesting and engaging. There is risk involved, because there are no cuts, no editing. All mistakes are witnessed, but they become part of the fun! Facebook Live also allows viewers to engage through comments, reactions, and shares.
Yes! You can make relevant content using live streaming video. Is it a bit more difficult? I would say from experience, definitely yes. At Uptick, we tried to make our first live video on June 21. Our first live stream was a bit of a struggle, and I ended up sounding like R2-D2 from Star Wars.

What did I learn? Make sure you have a strong Internet connection before you begin! In the end, we didn’t give up; we tried again. Our second time around we were successful , and I think we were able to provide some important, relevant information to our viewers in a fun (albeit risky) way!

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