Facebook Live Update on What’s New with Instagram

As a social media specialist, a millennial, a photographer, and a creative nerd, I am all about Instagram! Last Friday, I spoke all about the app during our LIVE stream (Check it out below). Here’s what we learned.

How to Set Up an Instagram

First things first, let’s talk about how to set up an Instagram account! Start by downloading the free app from your app store. When you open the app, you will be given the choice to connect your Facebook account or use an email to set up your account.
You can then come up with your username. To edit your bio and add your website and profile picture, click the cogwheel to access your settings. Once you’ve added your information, you’re good to go!
To find friends, you can access your Facebook account through the app as well as your phone contact list. As you start to follow people and like posts, Instagram will compile posts relevant to your interests on the Explore page. This page is a great place to find new people to follow!
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How to Post a Picture on Instagram

Open the app. Slide over to the camera icon. Snap a picture. Adjust, edit, and pick a filter. Add a caption. Then, you can choose to add your location and tag people. To help others find your photo, you can include relevant hashtags like #digitalmarketing or #instagrambham.

Update: Instagram Stories

Facebook has a social media empire. (They own Instagram.) That empire was threatened by the popularity of Snapchat, so they did what they had to do to compete. Instagram’s latest update involves pictures and videos that users can share for 24 hours, after which they disappear. Much like Snapchat Stories, you can add captions and draw on the pictures/videos on Instagram Stories.
This new feature is a fun way to update your followers on your day-to-day adventures. Many claim Instagram Stories is easier to use than Snapchat stories, because there is no swiping — only clicking.