Finding the Balance Between Content & SEO

Creativity and SEO
Content used for digital marketing purposes may look just like every other type of writing you come across, but there are challenges that come with it that are not seen elsewhere! A digital marketing writer has to worry about finding the creativity to keep their readers engaged while also checking off the boxes to boost their website’s SEO.
The Catch-22 of it all is that while SEO is crucial for the success of a site, the distraction it puts on the writer can seriously hinder creativity. So what approaches can be taken to successfully accomplish both tasks? We’ve bolded the keywords we are using for this blog as an example of what an effective strategy looks like.

Locate SEO Keywords

While trying to include keywords in your blog may be distracting, it’s also very important for quality SEO – so it’s important to know what you need to include from the beginning. There are many online tools that can help you find the best keywords for your brand. Once you have your keywords and a basic concept of what you want to write, you can then begin to write your content!

Keep Audience In Mind

Even if boosting SEO is your primary focus, you can’t let this distract you from your human audience! Having a healthy supply of keywords included throughout is important, but not at the cost of creativity. Search engine rankings mean a lot in the digital world, but a positive website experience means a lot to every customer that reads your content. A good way of sticking to this strategy is to consider problems in your industry and create blogs that address these issues. This allows you to directly address what your potential customer wants without sacrificing quality of your writing.

Keep Your Style

It’s hard to keep your creativity while paying so much attention to SEO, but readers can easily identify a clunky piece that isn’t meant for their needs. As with other forms of writing, the first draft will be the most awkward, but going back and looking over your work allows you to smooth out the more unpleasant-sounding pieces. Let your supporting words lift the entire piece of content to a more enjoyable level for readers while keeping your keywords in place.

Uptick – Masters of Content & SEO!

We have years of experience perfecting both content and SEO, and have an appreciation for the delicate art of combining the two for maximum benefits for your company! Our SEO and content teams meet monthly to continue finding new ways to bring the creativity while providing the best search engine results for our clients. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you!