Finding Balance in Content Marketing

Content marketing is such an important part of engaging your target audience while still appealing to the search engine powers that be. Keep reading to learn how to balance your SEO and content efforts for the perfect digital marketing flow.

Speak Directly to the Target Audience 

While it’s important to get your content in front of as many people as possible, the focus of content marketing should be providing relatable material to the specific niche audience that your brand directly appeals to. Take some time to understand what your readers and customers enjoy. Ask yourself what makes your people engaged, what problems they need help solving,  and why are they drawn to your brand. Knowing the answers to these questions is such an important part in keeping your audience truly engaged. 

Play It Cool

Content is how you get the attention of your target audience, so it can be tempting to constantly push out new attempts to rope your readers in—but that actually tends to push people away! Taking the time to focus on things that entertain or inform your audience will pay off in the long run. Too much “meh” content will quickly lose your viewer’s attention and eventually make them stop following you completely. There’s an uneasy feeling that comes with slowing on content, but that feeling tends to go away once you see positive feedback! 

Help Yourself

Planning ahead works wonders in relieving the stress that comes with changing your content approach. This approach will ultimately give you more time to quickly make relevant posts and better keep your thumb on the pulse of your strategy’s success. Give yourself more time to plan ahead, focus on the quality of your writing, and create a full content schedule before any of it goes out to boost your confidence in this new strategy. 

Work with Professionals 

Partnering with digital marketing agencies like Uptick Marketing ensures that your company spends less time focusing on engaging with your target audience and more time actually doing the work you love! Our team of content specialists has a passion for engaging audiences while keeping up with the latest trends. Contact us for more information.

About Anne

Uptick’s Vice President of Operations, Anne studied Advertising and Public Relations and Spanish at the University of Alabama, spending one semester abroad at La Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in Madrid, Spain. Her love for the art of language has translated into four published works, multiple speaking engagements, and also, marketing. At Uptick, Anne oversees Uptick’s internal operations, including four production teams (content marketing, digital advertising, SEO, and support), process development and management, and internal business strategy. The Birmingham Business Journal also named Anne the 2022 Business Leader of the Year.

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