Finding the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

business man using smart phone
Social media is one of the most efficient ways for companies to expand their reach in 2019, but it still requires knowledge and effort to get the ideal results. Knowing the basic functions of each social media platform allows you to determine where to focus your marketing energy and how to create the perfect posts to bring in a new audience. But with so many different options, trying to find the perfect strategy on the perfect platform can feel like an impossible task. Worry not though, Uptick is here to help! We break down some of the basic things to know for social media here.


Despite a seemingly endless list of controversies to close out 2018, Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform. It’s also a great way for companies to expand their online influence. Both Facebook ads and boosting posts are wonderful ways to expand your company’s online influence for a very reasonable price. Facebook is also great at making it easy for companies to find their target market, making it fairly easy for you to find reasonable success even if you don’t have much experience.
Facebook is a practical option for nearly every type of industry, although some will have more natural success than others. Twitter is similar in this regard, but requires a more consistent schedule to see consistent success!


Instagram relays solely on your company’s ability to create fun and engaging pictures, which makes some companies a better natural fit for this platform. While anyone who puts enough effort and time into their visual content will be okay, businesses that deal directly with customers have more to gain by being “fun” and “accessible” on their Instagram page. Restaurants and stores tend to shine on the gram, especially if they put a social media savvy person in charge. This platform is a wonderful way to provide updates on specials and deals, you just have to take a quality picture and share!


When we normally think of social media platforms, we think of friends interacting with each other – or having intense political debates. LinkedIn takes a different approach by connecting individuals and companies together to create better business interactions and hiring processes. Because of LinkedIn’s approach to social media, many B2B companies find more success on it! It’s also obviously a great way to find new employees.

Let Uptick Help!

Uptick Marketing excels in the world of social media, and our expertise covers every major platform. We work with clients to find the best options to reach their ideal customers and create the content to bring them in! We’d love to help your company to find the success it deserves in the world of digital marketing this year. Contact us for more information.