First 30 Days: A Hannah Edwards Tale

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A lot can happen in 30 days. Friendships can be made, lotteries can be won, and vacations can be booked. For some, like Uptick’s SEO Specialist Hannah Edwards, 30 days can bring a lot of information at a brand new job!
I wanted to explore the whirlwind of emotions Hannah must be experiencing after her first month, so I asked her a few questions. Keep reading to see what she said!

Can you describe your job to our readers?

I work in SEO, meaning I do Search Engine Optimization. I make sure Google likes our clients and shows accurate, current information. Our clients want to be the first ones who pop up on the search results page, and that’s what we do! We try to cover all of the bases to allow Google to rank our clients as #1. I like to call SEO the science behind marketing. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “marketing,” but SEO is what allows you to find those companies who are marketing to you.

What have you learned in your first month at Uptick?

A ton! Every day is a new learning experience, which is why I really love SEO and digital marketing. The industry is constantly changing and evolving. Since working at Uptick, I’ve learned the value of a strong social media presence and that a few posts a week aren’t enough to build a healthy user experience. There’s a science behind likes and shares, and that’s something I really enjoy researching.

You’ve been given a key role in the Magic City Makeover competition. Could you describe the process so far, and what this competition means to you?

I’ve always had a big heart for the Birmingham community. I’ve lived in the suburbs of Birmingham for most of my life, and I remember a time when the community was in great need of support and kindness from their brothers and sisters. Working closely with the Magic City Makeover gives me the opportunity to focus on the nonprofits in Birmingham that are so deserving of some of that support and kindness they so selflessly give to Birmingham! Reaching out to the amazing nonprofit community to in turn give some of them free marketing services is something near and dear to my heart. It’s important that the city knows these amazing people are out there, trying to make a difference in our community and the Magic City Makeover is helping them do just that.

Anything you would tell a young professional looking for a job similar to yours?

Though I just graduated from college this past December, I’ve dreamed of a job like this my entire life. Keeping vigilant on building great relationships and just being a kind person can help you get far and can introduce you to amazing opportunities like the one I’ve been offered at Uptick. Also, television trivia is key to working in marketing, apparently. Study The Office, Parks and Rec and 30 Rock, and you’ll always have something in common with your peers. As a young professional, flexibility is a necessary strength to have. No week is the same, no task is the same, and no client is the same. Changes are bound to come your way and you should be happy to embrace them!

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