Frequent Social Media Posts Create a Dedicated Audience

social media frequency
Posting quality content is great for setting the tone for your brand’s voice, but as a company, you have to take that voice to the next level by posting frequent content. But what is the magic number that you should post every day? We’ll dive into some analytically-proven tips for post frequency – check it out!


Facebook is a different beast from any other social media platform. Posts can become overwhelming on someone’s timeline, so it’s often suggested to limit your posts to one a day –  otherwise, your followers may write you off as spam.


Twitter is a constant feed of information and content, so it’s paramount that you post regularly throughout the day, as well as retweet relevant posts to your brand. Our recommendation is to post at least 15 tweets per day (including 6-7 retweets). Having a consistent presence on your followers timeline will keep them informed as they scroll and check-in throughout the day.


LinkedIn is a professional platform that is much different from the levity of most social media platforms. Having informative content that engages industry professionals will position your posts well to yield interactions. Much like Facebook, you should really look to post once a day on LinkedIn.


Instagram is a great platform for curating content, whether it be picture or video, to best pique the interest of your audience. One or two posts a day is that sweet spot to retain your followers’ attention. However, be sure to vary the purpose or content of posts, as showing your product in static situations can become boring and eventually lose the interest of your audience.

Timing of Posts

When should you post throughout the day? Well, that’s going to be completely different from one company to another! Social media marketing is all about tinkering and seeing what works best for your audience. Knowing what times your target audience is active online can be a huge indicator as to when you should push out content. When you’re first starting your campaign, post at different times throughout the day on each platform then see what time your content performs best!

Uptick Is Your Social Media Expert!

Tinkering and adjusting social media campaigns can be time consuming and confusing! Contact us with your questions and our team of social media experts can offer great advice on maximizing your presence on any platform.

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