Gaining Customers Through Social Media

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Social media continues to expand its influence amongst both individuals and companies, making it the perfect place for you to gain new customers – but only if you understand the best methods to capture their attention and complete the sales funnel! While posting new content may not seem like a difficult task, many companies quickly learn that there’s a slim middle ground of perfection between being nonexistent on social media and annoying your target audience. Social media specialists, like the wonderful team at Uptick, excel in helping companies improve their success on these platforms, and today I’m going to share a few common strategies we focus on.

Public Relations

One of the biggest benefits that social media gives companies is the ability to release quick and efficient public relations directly to their customers. This certainly needs to be a focus for major PR needs, but it also allows you to practice high-quality customer relations on a much more consistent basis. Facebook alone allows users to leave reviews of your business, to comment on posts, and to send messages directly to your inbox. While that may sound overwhelming at first, it is a wonderful way to let your audience know that a) you are a business that cares about its customers and b) you have a personality and aren’t some unreachable corporation. In addition to the positive reactions you’ll receive for being responsive, you get to avoid negative reactions that come with leaving concerns unaddressed on social media.

Know Your Audience

Social media provides great insights into who’s interested in your product or service, which you can then use to better appeal to your target audience. There are few resources that provide such direct information on consumers as these platforms, and it’s right in front of you! In addition to providing insights on audiences, social media allows you to create very specific lists for advertisements. The ability to only spend money on ads for those that are interested in your product saves an insane amount of time and money for your marketing plan.

Creating Leads

Every business and industry has a different sales process, but social media is a great starting point for all of them. Consistently keeping relevant content on your profile, while providing clear links to your company website, provides your audience a very simple way to take steps towards purchasing your product. Once a website link is clicked, other digital marketing tools like website retargeting and email campaigns can continue to market your company to these interested customers.

Work with an Established Agency

Like much of the digital marketing world, mastering social media is easy in theory, but can prove to be difficult when carrying out the steps. Agencies like ours spend their days learning the latest developments and using this knowledge to provide the very best results for our clients. Ready for a better social media strategy? We’re only a call away!

About Alan

Alan Harned is Uptick’s Marketing Consultant Manager. He graduated from Birmingham’s Samford University, creating video content for Samford’s athletic department right after graduation. He also completed a multi-year stint at Student Life for Lifeway Christian Resources. His work at Uptick includes leading a team of Marketing Consultants, analyzing campaign results, recommending digital marketing services and swaps, and refining marketing strategies to suit clients’ short and long-term goals best. His previous experience in video gives him a great reference point for creative work, which offers clients additional perspective when strategizing.

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