Get the Most Out of Blogs Through Repurposing

repurposing blogs
Blogs seem pretty simple on the surface, but they bring a lot of hidden benefits to digital marketing. Content writers have to purposely add keywords that boost SEO rankings while still creating a great blog, which can make it frustrating when that blog is buried in the website after a month or two. So what can you do with this giant collection of well-written masterpieces? There are plenty of fantastic options when it comes to repurposing blogs; we discuss a few of our favorite options here!


You have all of this new information, so it only makes sense to have it in a presentation-ready format! Fortunately, there are multiples methods of repurposing blogs with this intention. PowerPoint slides and similar concepts create a more visually-appealing approach to your topic that still use your hard-earned research. The material you create can then be used for in-person presentations or be sent to clients when they have a question regarding a certain product!


Videos are one of the most engaging platforms available, and it helps to have the information needed for your video readily available. Blogs have everything you need to create engaging video content that can be used in a variety of locations. You can create these videos yourself or use tools like Lumen5 that create content simply based off the words in your blog!
Facebook Live is another great platform that can be used to share your work with new audiences. With the material already written, you can present this information in a fun format. This also allows you to engage with your audience directly while discussing the relevant material.


Videos are a lot of fun, but podcasts have been rapidly growing in popularity! Creating a podcast that is centered around your industry gives you a perfect outlet for repurposing blogs. Much like with video, you can choose to approach this endeavor in whatever way makes you must comfortable (conversation pieces, bringing in special guests, etc.). There’s so many different ways to approach these new blog repurposing mediums, but they all get the job done.

Repurpose with Uptick!

Uptick Marketing is more than prepared to supply your company with high-quality blogs that maximize consumer engagement and SEO boosting, then help you repurpose them for added benefits! We love every aspect of digital marketing, and you’ll love the results. Contact us today for more information.

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