Giving Thanks – Uptick Edition!

The ghosts of Halloween have come and gone, and Thanksgiving is ready to take over as the next highlight in our end-of-year holiday celebrations! There are parades to enjoy, endless rounds of delicious food to eat, and football games to watch. But at the end of the day, this joyous occasion is intended to remind us of the things we hold dearest to our hearts. I was tasked with finding out what the Uptick team is thankful for and to my surprise, they’re actually a fairly grateful bunch!
Much of the team was thankful for family, faith, and their friends at Uptick. Matt Spivak, our esteemed Marketing Consultant, may have worded it best when he uttered the words “I am thankful for an incredible work-family where I can come in, invest in others, and provide excellent service for our clients with some of the best co-workers anyone could ask for.” Truer words have never been spoken, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to copy and paste his answer!
Caleb Shaver, one of our wonderful Project Managers, didn’t name anyone in particular but I have a strong feeling that I could be included. He’s quoted as saying “I’m thankful for the people God has placed in my life that have helped me grow and learn new things this year!” Many at Uptick would say they’re just as thankful for Caleb’s endearing spirit and top-notch work ethic.
Dawn Taylor, our fantastic Office Manager and provider of all great snacks at the office, highlighted some things that all who have them should be thankful for. This includes good physical and mental health and a quality upbringing with loving parents. Our office’s top published writer, Anne Riley, was thankful for something that comes as no surprise to the rest of our crew – books!
And what could this humble ol’ writer by thankful for, you ask? Certainly my wife, family, and my fellow Uptickers. But there’s also things that are harder to put a label on, like the deliciousness of tacos and the switch-hitting magnificence of a certain Larry “Chipper” Jones.
One thing all of Uptick can agree on, is our gratitude towards every single company we work with and the ability to assist them with what we love to do! Every day is a pleasure in this office, and it couldn’t be that way without the clients who let us market their products and services. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!