Google AdWords Myths: BUSTED!

We’ve talked before about content marketing myths – those rumors you always hear about content marketing that aren’t necessarily true. Well, the same thing happens with Google AdWords! People think they know a lot about it, but when it comes down to brass tacks, they may be believing myths instead of the truth. Today, I’m back to bust those myths. Check it out!

Myth #1: The More Money You Spend on Google AdWords, the Better Your Organic Placement on Google Will Be.

First off, AdWords buy is a pay-to-play scenario, meaning you don’t show up on Google unless you pay — and when you quit paying, you are gone. Google does not give any preference to websites that run AdWords campaigns when it comes to organic listings; the bottom line is whether or not you’re paying for your ad to be seen.
So really, Google AdWords has nothing to do with your organic placement on Google.

Myth #2: Nobody Clicks on the AdWords Ads.

It may be true that you never click on AdWords ads, but that hardly means it’s true of everyone. After all, if no one ever clicked on them, they wouldn’t be a thing – and businesses certainly wouldn’t pay for them!
Having this mindset of “no one clicks on AdWords ads” can hurt you as a business owner because you could be missing out on a lot of traffic. You have to remember that not everyone searches for things the same way. Paid ads are clicked at a rate of 3 to 1 over organic placement. Is your business showing up high enough, often enough, for your customers to find you?

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