Google to Introduce Multi-Device Ad-Data Tracking

google analytics ad-data tracking
When mapping out a digital marketing strategy, it’s important to assess the most challenging parts of marketing your industry and attack those areas head on. Identifying challenges can be simple when analyzing a brand but analyzing campaigns is a different beast altogether. One challenge digital marketers often face is knowing how to accurately gauge the success of these campaigns across the board. Lucky for us, Google has our backs.

Improvements to Google Analytics Ad-Data Tracking

Google is often at the precipice for new, innovative additions to their already trendsetting tools, and their improvements to Google Analytics’ ad-data tracking is no different. The introduction of multi-device ad-data tracking brings answers to many issues digital marketers face in tracking ad experiences from mobile to desktop conversions.
Digital marketers have relied on measures like “last click attribution” which shows only a small part of the buying journey. Here lies the challenge in gauging where buyers are coming from and how successful your campaign is. From Google:
“Say you’re a marketer for a travel company. With the new Acquisition Device report, you may find that a lot of your customers first come to your website on mobile to do their initial research before booking a trip later on desktop. Based on that insight, you might choose to prioritize mobile ad campaigns to reach people as they start to plan their trip.”

The Connection Between Mobile and Desktop

Until now, mobile and desktop users have appeared as two separate groups that are often thought to be two sets of people because the connection couldn’t be made between a single user utilizing mobile and desktop to support their consumer habits.
Google explains:
“Analytics now understands that these two groups of customers actually spent the same amount on your website, helping you create a more accurate audience list to reach the right customers.”
More innovative additions are on the horizon with “Device Overlap,” “Device Paths” and “Channels” which will highlight exactly how people are coming to your site. By creating more accurate and thorough tools, digital marketers’ ability to report back to clients is made easier by more specific metrics across the once wide device comparison gap.
Cross device data can be a game changer for companies looking to grow their presence on mobile or desktop and can help digital marketers hone in on why users are transitioning from mobile to desktop or vice versa allowing for a more appropriately targetable ad spend.

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