Growing an Instagram Audience

Instagram audience
Instagram has firmly established itself as a social media powerhouse, and the platform continues to gain large numbers of new users on a consistent basis. As the app continues to expand its reach, it’s become a very popular new medium for thousands of companies. While many have done well with expanding their Instagram audience, more struggle to get momentum going on their page. So what can these struggling Instagram profiles do? We discuss 4 key things to remember here.


Consistency is one of the most important things to master when attempting to grow an Instagram audience. Failing to post on a regular basis will cause your audience to forget about your brand and fail to bring in new consumers. It’s important that your company starts with a consistent Instagram schedule, and continues to follow this philosophy even after you’ve built a steady following.
Another important consistency factor when aiming to grow an Instagram audience is keeping your brand image consistent. Your company should have a buyer persona in place, a brand image in mind, and keep both of those in mind when posting.


Few things make a social media user feel more respected by a company than when said company interacts with them on social media! Whether it’s following people back, doing fun giveaways, liking your followers’ pictures, or simply responding to comments – every additional engagement will be remembered by your audience. Even taking a few minutes each week to be more engaged with your audience will make a big difference.


Even if you perfectly execute your consistency and engagement strategies, all of that work will be put to waste if the content you put out is poor quality. While this is the case for every social media platform, Instagram’s focus on pictures makes it even more important to put plenty of effort into the posts you are creating! Be creative and have fun – just don’t make it boring.


As the app continues to release new features, it’s important that your company stays ahead of the curve in implementing them! Some of the most recent additions would include stories, live video, and IGTV. Properly utilizing these features reaches your audience in new ways, preventing customers from forgetting about your business even if they rarely view actual posts.

Work With a Professional

Uptick Marketing writes and manages social media for a variety of clients that cover many different career fields. We specialize in releasing consistent content with a purpose and take pride in our ability to lead the charge when it comes to taking advantage of social media changes. Ready to boost your following? We’re ready to help. Contact us today for more information.

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