Holiday Marketing: Leverage the Love

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Love is in the air! Time to capitalize on that, Cupid. Wow, okay — that sounds kind of harsh. Here’s what I really mean.
If we take an objective look at the commercial holiday that is St. Valentine’s Day, we might find ways to leverage the holiday for creative marketing campaigns. (This applies to any holiday, come to think of it.)
Step aside! The Love Doctor is here (that’s me) with two simple ways you can create a successful holiday marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Engage your customers through a thoughtful, creative email marketing campaign. According to market research, over 30% of us check our email more than once a day. (If you’re like me, you check it every 10 minutes! But apparently that’s “obsessive.” So, maybe don’t do that…)
To engage your customers, include imagery like links and interactive clickables. You can embed videos or share stories. No matter the method you choose, you will find that the more interactive and engaging your email newsletter is, the higher your rate of return. With help from the experts, you can gain all sorts of insights into your campaign’s success based on click-through rates and how many emails were opened.

Social Media

The easiest way to stay relevant is to keep up-to-date with current events on your social media platforms. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, develop a social media marketing campaign that optimizes ideas surrounding love, the color pink, and all that jazz. Think about what your current customers and potential customers are looking for. Grab their attention!
Here is an example of an incredibly creative campaign by Mustang. The American automobile manufacturer asked a beautiful female professional stunt driver to go on blind dates in a video marketing campaign, which they implemented on their social media outlets. The poor men do not see it coming, which makes for a hilarious video that boasts over 4 million views.
Check it out:

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