How Blogging Works to Help Website Traffic & Position You as Thought Leader

website traffic
Everyone wants more website traffic. That’s more chances of bringing in conversions, which helps you continue to do business. But what’s the secret sauce to getting more web traffic to your site—at least in terms of organic search? Well, the secret’s actually not that well-kept: You can 1) optimize your site for search engines and 2) blog. Yes, blogging does wonders for site traffic—and can even position you as a thought leader in your industry. As an example before we get into it, here is a representation of how blogging heavily impacted (positively!) a client’s organic traffic. 
website traffic

What Blogging Can Do for Your Website Traffic

How does blogging help lead to increased website traffic? Because it readily fulfills what’s necessary for traffic to thrive. Let us explain. 
Think for a second how many pages you have on your website. You probably have some, but not a whole ton—unless you have a huge online footprint. Many sites operate on a slimmer scale in terms of pages, especially if they’re a small business, homegrown service, or start-up. And these pages, which ideally should be regularly optimized, may not benefit from routine updates due to lack of time or available labor. 
Blogging takes care of both these considerations: It adds to your available indexed pages and shows updates to your site. Every blog you write and post helps you get identified by Google and other search engines—and that page has the chance to show up on SERPs to users actively searching for what you offer. Through organic search, blogging helps to send website traffic your way. It signals to Google that your site is active, which becomes kind of a “self-propelling prophecy” to gaining more frequent site indexing check-ins by search engines. 

Blogging Is a Lead Machine

As mentioned, traffic brings along with it the chance for conversions. Similar to how every blog post is another page to be indexed, every post is also an opportunity for leads.
How so? Blogs offer ready-made openings to insert a compelling, action-inducing CTA (call to action). It’s also super simple to do—as you’ll see soon enough in our own post! The trick is to be straightforward, honest, and simple with it. People like to know what they’re getting—and your blog offers not only an answer to their immediate question: It also offers a way for them to fix their ongoing problem, which is where you come in. 
As an added benefit, blogging also helps position you as a thought leader in your particular industry or area of expertise. People come to trust you based on your blogging—both in terms of content and frequency. If you’re regularly posting about what’s new in your field and how you’re tied to it, people are going to start to take notice—and come to you as the go-to source for information regarding your products, services, industry insights, and more. 

How We Can Boost Your Blogging

Here’s that all-important CTA we mentioned. Perhaps you want to blog, and/or further optimize your site, but don’t have time to do so on your own. Uptick Marketing provides blogging, content marketing, and optimization services for you so you can focus on your business—while we handle your digital marketing to improve business. Contact us for a no-hassle chat about how we can help drive more traffic to your site!

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