How to Add or Remove Photos from Your Google Business Profile

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Uploading pictures to your Google Business Profile listing adds professionalism and attracts customers to your store. If they’ve requested directions to your location via Google Maps, having relevant pictures on your listing may help them find you. Customers like to see the inside of businesses too, including displays that show off your products. This helpful guide will help cover how to add or remove photos from your business profile.

How to Add Photos to Your Google Business Profile

You’re able to add photos from your computer or mobile device using Google Business Profile, Google Maps, or Google Search. There are three types of photos that you can add to your profile:

Your Business Logo

It’s a good idea to upload a copy of your logo so that customers recognize your brand. Make sure that your logo is also displayed on the sign outside of your physical business location(s) so that people can readily identify you.

A Cover Photo

The cover photo is the picture that you wish to show at the top of your business profile. It’s usually a picture of the front of your store or the street sign. Selecting a photo as your cover photo increases the chance that Google will show it as the top picture for your listing.

Business Photos

These are pictures of the interior of your business, including displays and products that you’re offering for sale. Providing potential customers a snapshot of your location’s atmosphere and offerings can lure them in for a visit.
If you own more than 10 locations, you can have your photos uploaded with a spreadsheet, and then choose which photos to display for each of your locations. If you’d like, you can also add videos to your business profile that promote your products and services.

How to Add Photos on a Computer

You can log in to your GMB account and select the location you’d like to add photos to, if you have multiple locations. Select the “Photos” option and then find “Post” in the top right. You’re required to select the type of photo you’re uploading—and can select it from your computer.
Using Google Search, you can type in the name of your business and click on “View Profile.” Afterward, you can select the “Promote” option. Find the “Photos” option and upload your picture or video.

How to Add Photos on Mobile Devices

If you’re using your phone to take pictures of your business sign or the front of your store, you don’t need to transfer them to a computer before uploading them. Open the GMB app on your device and look for the “Post” option. Select “Add Photo or Video,” and then choose the picture or video you’d like to upload. If you’d like, you can also add a description to the photo to offer more information or entice people into your store.

Can You, as the Business Owner, Remove Customer Photos?

You can remove photos from your profile by selecting the “Delete” option, but removing pictures that a customer posted to your listing is a little more complicated. If you notice an inappropriate photo, you need to flag it as inappropriate content and, if it violates Google’s Terms of Service, it will be reviewed and then removed from your profile automatically.

What the Status of Your Photo Uploads Means

Google reviews all photos uploaded to your profile before displaying them to your profile. For this reason, you won’t see your recently uploaded pictures immediately. You can check on their status when you log in to your account. A picture or video will have one of three statuses:

  • Pending: These pictures and videos are still under review, and Google hasn’t had the chance to process them. You may also see this status if your business isn’t verified. Only verified businesses can upload media to their business profiles.
  • Not approved: This status means that Google has determined the picture is inappropriate or violates its Terms of Service. Flagged items with this status won’t be displayed on your profile.
  • Live: Your picture or video should be showing up on Google Search and Google Maps.

The Bottom Line

Photos and videos help draw more people to your business by giving them a first look—displaying products or services they may be interested in and promoting ongoing sales or events. For reference, a little goes a long way: You don’t have to inundate your profile with pictures, but adding some helps people get to know your business better.
Fair warning: other people can post pictures to your profile, so it’s important to monitor it for pictures that need to be flagged and removed from your listing. Thankfully, Google is rather responsive when it comes to removing inappropriate content.
NOTE: As of December 2021, Google My Business (GMB) is now Google Business Profile (GBP). This article has been updated from the original postdate of May 5, 2021 to reflect this new name change and relevant information.